What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? In my opinion, it should be something special and meaningful. “Sorelle” is a word with a meaning that I hold dear. My life has been blessed by many beautiful, strong, loving, interesting, and intelligent women. My grandmother, mother, other family and dear friends have given me support and guidance through all the twists and turns of life. “Sorelle” is a tribute to two women God placed in my life who I couldn’t make it without – my sisters. The word “Sorelle” is Italian and means, you guessed it, sisters! Having two daughters of my own, I see from a different angle how special that bond is. For me, it has meant always having a best friend, a travel companion, a partner in crime, someone to laugh with or someone to who your hand through the rough times.

Deciding on a name for our venue was difficult and we went through many! The search ended when my daughter, who will be studying art in Italy this fall, showed me a Pinterest post with this beautiful, feminine, swirly, word from the country she will live in for a summer that means sisters! Italian is the language of love, right? Fitting for a wedding venue! And, that is our mission- to show you love and support through this special time in your life!

Sorelle – The Meadow on Deer Creek

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